About Us

Military veterans, technical skilled workers, State & Federal Law Enforcement Officers, corporate employees, creative designers, spouses, college students... you can say we are a diverse group of people with a diverse set of skills.

We didn’t know it then, but most of us had adventure dreams that got bottled up and placed into a time capsule that got buried with work, more work, work & family, family & work, work & school, school & work, etc. you catch my drift. We all started to see our adventure gear, equipment, and vehicles become museum pieces in our garage and closet because that’s all it did was sit there and collect dust and spider webs.

This is how 10-20 Outfitters came about. We saw the need for people like us to find a way to challenge ourselves to get out and enjoy life’s adventures instead of flipping through Instagram pictures and double tapping everyone else’s.

This is why we decided to use the term “10-20”. It is part of the ten-code radio communication system meaning “What’s your location?”. Some say that term 10-20 is considered to be out dated (or old school) and that’s why it has been simplified by using the phase “What’s your 20?”. So what did we do? We do what we do best and adapt and overcame by using the old school term with new school phase. Totally makes sense since we are a group that is made up of old school and new school adventurist.

We consider ourselves to be a group that lives and operates in a glass house. What you see is what you get. Whether you follow us on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. or meet us in person on an adventure or at an event we will always be transparent.

So here we are, a group that wants to spread the 10-20 stoke to all those that dare to adventure. How do we achieve that? Join us in Instagram and Facebook and see what our 10-20 Adventure members are doing. We also designed our 10-20 adventure lifestyle apparel and swag to help all 10-20 adventurists recognize each other anytime anywhere for SUPPORT, INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.

Can we achieve success alone? Of course, but our 10-20 stoke doesn't stop with adventurist, it continues with supporting other businesses with the same vision whether it's with local, small and Veteran owned businesses.


What’s your 20?