Avoiding the Adventure Blues

Posted By G. Vizmanos in News on Feb 15, 2015

What's your 20?™ 

Sometimes you make adventure plans that don't always work out. For most people this causes unnecessary anxiety that can ruin your whole day.

At 10-20, we beat the adventures blues by remaining flexible with any situation. We often run into days that don't allow us stand up paddle board due to mother nature being a little rough on the water but that alone won't stop us from adventuring. What we do is simply change our plans by keep it on the ground and off the grid by finding a local trail to hike, bike or camp in. Simple right? It's easier said than done. Just like training your body for competition, you have to train your mind. When it tells you to give up, you have to convenience it to get up.

Make the best of any and every situation and always go out and explore.

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