10-20 Meets "Team Hot Pocket" on Sano Sunday

Posted By G. Vizmanos in News on May 25, 2015

The technology life of meeting people on the internet is great, but call me old school I still like to meet people in person to shake their hand, look them in the eye and hear the passion behind the voice. There is just something pure about interacting with people in person that you don't get out of a text message, email, Snap Chat or whatever other program is out there. I thought it would be a good opportunity to let others know who I am without any misconceptions as we would be "face to face" not "screen to face". 

This is why 10-20 Human Powered Lifestyle Reps Rob & Steffi a.k.a. "Team Hot Pocket" and I decided to meet up yesterday at San Onofre State Beach (Sano). I was already stoked meeting them for the first time, but to connect with a big group of the most humble people on earth and later finding out they are the INFINITY Surfboard and SUP Team, family and friends was amazing. You know what the 10-20 Lifestyle is all about right? SUPPORT, INSPIRE and MOTIVATE is already a way of life for this awesome group.

So needless to say, Team Hot Pocket (@teamhotpocket) is super awesome. Rob Griffin and Steffi Shultz are the perfect lifestyle reps as they really live the 10-20 lifestyle. It was just a bonus to meet everyone they connected with as it's a rare breed of people that live life of adventure. Make sure you check out the quick YouTube video we put together to sum up "Sano Sunday".


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